The Bearded Dragon Ink Photoshoot

September 20th, 2015



The Bearded Dragon was honored to showcase the work of our tattoo artists in InKwell magazine. We got the opportunity to share the limelight with our customers who were willing to display their tattoos for the shoot. (more…)

Vigo Promoting The Shop in Mexico

September 19th, 2015



Our PR representative Vigo, spent his summer in Mexico, but took some time to promote The Bearded Dragon. He liaised with barbers and tattoo artists there to develop relationships and apprenticeships that can benefit both sides. (more…)

Homeless Hair Cuts

September 18th, 2015



Every month we go out into the community and offer haircuts and shaves to the homeless, its not something we publicize for recognition so many people may not be aware of this. (more…)

Men Worth Their Salt

September 17th, 2015



Joseph Mallen will be joining us on Saturday evening for a seminar on the way real men groomed in generations before. Many of their habits would be welcomed in today’s society. Stop by for services or just to hear him speak. (more…)

Men’s Health

September 16th, 2015


This month is men’s health month and exercise is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Gym membership is not always necessary, you can do much or as little as your body can accommodate, just do something. (more…)